In the midst of my honeymoon but I cannot stop thinking about the one vendor who made me tear during our reception. Perhaps anyone who is considering using him can take this as a public service announcement.

A and I began scouting for wedding decorators shortly after the proposal and settled upon Ansari from Seven Eventz in May 2015 as he seemed legit and had done deco for many weddings at Foochow Association before. He also arranged for our videographer, dj and wedding car.

Trouble only started in Mar this year when he failed to respond to our videographer’s texts and didn’t pay her the initial deposit until she informed us that she might have to drop us as clients and gave him a deadline. At this point, he refused to give us an explanation as to why he hadn’t paid her and insisted we should trust him. This was also when I realised his FB page was defunct. Shortly after he paid her the deposit, he told us to pay her the remaining amount out of the final deposit we had to give him. Subsequently, we were also told to pay the wedding car driver and dj out of that deposit as well. No explanations given.

Fast forward to last Friday, he only provided 7 out of 11 tables that we had paid for as he insisted there wasn’t enough space. He also didn’t provide us with table centre pieces, although this was agreed upon but not stated in the contract. On Saturday, he was nowhere near the venue and instead, his men were still setting up the stage dais at 6pm. Guests were arriving from 530pm. There was no platform, no white carpet, no chandelier with side props-all of which were indicated in the contract and paid for. At 830pm, he fixed the platform and white carpet for the dais. He did not respond to calls multiple times throughout this period.

Until today, he has neither apologised and explained why there was a horror of a screw up nor refunded us for the items that were not provided. Thankfully, our friends were there to make do and buy props as necessary to fix what went wrong. Not everybody is as lucky, and more than anything, no bride should have to worry about such things. I would strongly encourage you to reconsider if you have booked or are planning to book Ansari from Seven Eventz for your wedding needs.

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