We were on SQ214 last night from Perth to Singapore. Witnessed something that touched my heart as a mother on this Mother’s Day.

This lady seated in front of me at seat 31J seemed to be separated from her hubby as he could not get a seat besides her (only my guess as I didn’t get to speak to her). Anyway I see her having to manage the toddler pretty much herself through the 5over hours of flight. Every parent who flew with young babies would know how unnerving and tiring it is. Praying hard that baby will take to flying well, praying hard baby will not fuss too much, praying hard we don’t get deadly stares from people around us if baby should cry.

Managing a baby alone means there’s no help and there’s no chance of having a break at all. Often we just have to deny ourselves of rest and hunger so we can tend to the little one.

Yesterday on this flight, I saw this air stewardess, Ms Han I think…I didn’t get her full name as well, taking the initiative to feed the toddler so the mummy could get a breather and enjoy her inflight meal. She told the mum to take her time with her meal. It seems like a very simple gesture but means a world to a mum managing baby alone. Being able to just eat without interruption is such a luxury. Salute to all super single-traveling mummies who are so brave and self sacrificial in taking care of your little ones.

Salute to this air stewardess who made a difference. Salute to SQ for being so kid friendly, training your crew to help parents with kids to have an easier time and a more enjoyable flight. I know I’ve picked the right airline to fly.

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