Dear A.S.S,

I came across this job offer on Friday (6th May 2016). This job ad wrote “Corporate Event Assistant” and the job scope is ushering etc, i thought it is some corporate event assistant job that i worked before previously for some company. So I decided to give it a try and texted the given number.

Everything is as per normal but ONE THING THAT I FIND IT VERY WEIRD DURING OUR WHATSAPP CONVERSATION IS THAT..she don’t reveal the details to me at all. She wanted to see me today (8th May 2016) 4pm at Bras Basah Starbucks to have a short interview. I felt uneasy, but i just gave it a try since the “interview” venue is at a crowded place.

So today 4pm, i sat outside the Starbucks and waiting for her, she was late. I expected a interviewer to dress like at least some casual dress or even jeans. I was wrong entirely, she came to me wearing a sloppy t shirts and shirts with a canvas bag (it looks empty inside). NO LAPTOP AND NO CONTRACT FORMS ETC. She sat down and start chatting with me very casually. She told that this was an ongoing event and my commitment to this job. I told her that i could only work till before 10 June as I am going overseas for leisure purposes. THIS WAS WHEN SHE FINALLY BRING IN THE TOPIC THAT SHE WAS WAITING FOR… she said that she did managed for overseas escort as well. Can earned at least 7K per month. She even say alot of university students work under her and they earned alot.

THE MOST DISGUSTED SENTENCE THAT I HEARD WAS… don’t worry about privacy part, we would not reveal your faces but only the body.

I was angered and took my bag and leave. I SAID TO HER LOUDLY “I’M NOT INTERESTED IN THIS JOB AT ALL” . she kept on pestering and ask me why why why are you not interested?

Before I left, she said call me if you change your mind. And when she passed by me, she ROLLED her eyes. (and of course i rolled mine too)

This job ad is not as simple as being an event assistant, but something more than that. I felt very ashamed of such person existed, people like me are decently finding job to earn extra income and THIS KIND OF POLLUTANTS are setting some kind of trap to let job seekers to fall in.

I don’t mind working $8/ hour pushing sales and get scolded by my boss if the sales are bad. I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT WORK FOR $200/HOUR THAT IS AGAINST MY PRIDE, DIGNITY AND MORAL STANDARDS.

Pls take note *Her name is call Rebecca and she got a strong accent when conversing in English.

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