Dear A.S.S,

I write to share with you my horrible experience with Courts MegaStore (singapore).

I bought a computer from Courts Tampines on 24 Apr 2016, cash and carry. When i opened it two days later. The windows started to load the standard initial windows setup process. The computer screen black out before the process could be completed. To cut the story short, i tried a few more times including swapping in a confirmed working monitor. No helps.

I called Courts hotline 1800 222 6868 I found on their website No one was there to answer phone call. I left a voice message with my details. No calls. I called same number few hours later, and was asked to leave voice mail again. I did, with my details again. No returning calls.

I was busy next day. When i called another day later. No one there again, i left my details again.

it has been 4 weeks after my 3 calls, i have not received any response from Courts. I am very surprised a long established company has such an inferior after-sale customer support. Sob! Sob!

This is first time i bought something from Courts and having product problem.

I will not be buying any product from them potentially can be faulty. If you buy anything from Courts, you probably will be fine if there is no issue with the product. Otherwise, be prepared of having same horrible faith as me.

Arthur Yeo,
A.S.S Contributor

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