When her 20 month old toddler accidentally sustained an injury to his finger, his young 24-year-old mother panicked and rushed him down immediately to take a taxi to the nearest hospital.

When she got to the foot of her block at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, she managed to flag down a Comfort taxi, which took her to KK Women’s and Children Hospital.

However, in her frenzied rush to get her son to the hospital, the young Miss Liu had brought everything but her wallet along with her. She realized this about 5 minutes into the journey and frankly told the driver about her situation.

Instead of chasing the 2 out of his taxi, the kind uncle instead continued to console the panicky young mother and her toddler, and drove them to their destination for free.

Even though the mother had asked for the taxi driver’s phone number so that she could repay him the amount she owes, she realized that she did not save the taxi driver’s number in her handphone as she was in too much of a rush. The receipt that the taxi driver issued to her was also accidentally disposed off as she had placed it among several blood stained tissue papers used to stem her son’s bleeding.

The young mother now hopes to find that taxi driver who picked them up through the media so that she can repay his kindness.

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