Dear A.S.S,

Never ever think of choosing Seven Eventz Ansari as your wedding event !

We hired Ansari from Seven Eventz for our hall deco, DJ and Bangra dancers and made 90% of the payment before the big day, but on my big day he had screwed up everything, from the lighting entrance, entrance canopy, stairway deco, backdrop lighting, fairy lights and etc.

I had also booked Bangra dancers for my 2nd walk-in through Ansari but they never turned up and screwed up my entire walk-in. I was Very disappointed!

On the actual day around 3pm he called me and informed me that he won’t be around at the venue later in the evening as he had an emergency to attend to and told us to check with his DJ if we needed any help at the event but the DJ knew nothing. My dad was trying to call him several times during the event to ask him about the Bangra dancers but he was Uncontactable.

After missing for the entire event on the 26/12/2016, he contacted us the next day for the remaining payment that was about $2.5k. We refused to pay him the remaining, therefore he refused to pay the wedding cake company also and deducted $500 from the total amount we had to pay him.

($500 was the amount that i have transferred him on the 26/12/2016, afternoon as I had to pay my wedding cake lady for the wedding cake upon collection at the venue and since all my family members were very busy and won’t be there to collect the cake at the venue m, I transferred the total amount for the cake to Ansari and told him to pay it to the cake delivery man upon collection at the hall but he didn’t as he was not at the venue at all.

When the cake delivery man contacted him, Ansari said he will transfer the amount to him by midnight the same day but didn’t do it as promised. When he was contacted the next day again, he gave reasons like he lost his atm card and he will transfer the amount soon but didn’t make any transfer at all and after 3 days of chasing, the wedding cake company contacted me for the payment and I ended up paying them.)

He tried contacting my dad several times for the remaining payment but he refused to answer his calls and he WhatsApp me for the payment too and even threatened to sue us. We told him to go ahead as we have all the evidences and contract papers given by him stating the services he should provide and how he had failed to provide the services promised by him. We really trusted him but ended up screwing up everything and still have the face to ask for the remaining payment!

When we say treat this wedding like ur family wedding we really mean it and I feel that every wedding Decorater must put their full heart and mind and treat it like their own family wedding when they are fulfilling the tasks! You are being paid for what you are doing, make sure it’s a proper job done! DON’T just work for money!

Say no to Seven Eventz and Ansari for your big day!

Naufilah Firdaus
A.S.S Contributor

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