Bukit Batok resident Mathew Soh has created a petition calling for SDP’s Dr Chee to continue serving in Bukit Batok after the end of election poll. The resident wrote: “I am touched by your speeches in your rallies and believe that you are not given enough time to prove your worth, so please continue to stay on path and help the poor residents of Bukit Batok residents .Dr Chee, stay on Bukit batok to serve”

Likewise many of the other petition signatories reflected similar sentiments.

Eugene: Western part of the island is strongly piss and puke territory. Dr Chee being able to whittle down their votes share to the GE11 national average shows that their loutish behavior has only muted impact at best. Continue with your crusade Dr Chee against an increasingly tyrannical govt and a worsening dictatorship. Help to save the blind and ignorant among us

Ridwan: I am so devestrated that Dr Chee lost. I want him to stay and serve BB residents as a NCMP even if he lost!

Pamela Don’t be disheartened. Don’t give up. Still hope to c u around in bt Batok helping us.

Tam Shanon: I play my part as an individual , the decision of others don’t effect me . I have a conscious ….

Jeff Chin: Dr Chee, I’m touched by your preserverance and motivation to stay in the political arena for years despite of all the challenges you have faced. Please continue to work hard on the ground!

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