Dear Editor and Readers of the Great A.S.S.

Warmest greetings to all of you after returning from Bt Gombak stadium in the wee hours penning my thoughts, where I traveled from Marine Parade just to lend support to the SDP and its candidate, Dr Chee.

Though the SDP lost in this by-election, I felt everything except despair especially after witnessing the conceding speech by the man himself. Dr Chee said he not only did not lose hope but felt he “never lost out” at all in this B.E. and furthermore, thanked the residents for giving him such a strong showing! He is right to say that, as the election was fought very dishonorably from the start by the PAP, its leaders, even from some masquerading ‘opposition’ figures and their good friends like Rahim Osman and Faustina which ironically hoped to have a “clean campaign”. This B.E. only goes to show what was in their conceited heart all along and they have not changed one bit since clinging the landslide victory of 2015 that has since been reversed in this B.E.

The “consequences” so to say and strong showing of this B.E. should serve as momentum for both the WP and SDP moving forward into the next G.E. and the hardcore groundwork begins right now!

If anything, this B.E. has demonstrated that SG50, chasing after rainbows and honeymoon period for the PAP is over and they will have to pick up from the score of GE 2011 instead. Their favorite tactic of gerrymandering to “secure” the vote bank will not hold at the next election as they will not know how much and which ground has swung against their elite and capitalist policies, except for Bukit Batok where they will not have the guts to retain it as a SMC. One can tell from their measured congratulatory tone to Murali.

Thank you Bukit Batok residents, even though majority of you remain confused over the smear campaign against Dr Chee and did not elect him but enough of you stood out and pressed the “reset” button to send a clear message! If the NCMP seat did not fall on Daniel Goh, it would have gone to Dr Chee!

Dan Dan
A.S.S. Contributor

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