A fight along the expressway between former lovers turns into an acrimonious court case. A woman is suing her former boyfriend for slapping her and causing damage to her hearing.

The woman, a lawyer, asked for $1.8 million to settle the matter out of court, but is now suing her former boyfriend for $350,000 in damages.

The incident happened on 6 Oct 2012 at about 1 am. The lawyer, Wang Shi Yin, 29, had been in a relationship with her then boyfriend, Lin Guang Wei, 31, bank employee, for 14 months.

Lin was attending a company event and borrowed a female colleague’s phone to call his girlfriend, Wang, asking her to pick him up at Marina Bay Sands. Lin claimed that Wang used this as an excuse and accused him of cheating on her. 10 minutes into their argument, Lin alleged hit his former girlfriend.

From about 1:10 am to !:35 am, it was said that Lin hit Wang in the car, and after he alighted the pair continued to tussle. Lin later hit Wang through the car window. Wang also alighted from the car, the pair continued to pull at each other and that was when Lin exploded and slapped her the lawyer several times across her face and head.

Lin pleaded guilty and was fined $5000.

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