A weird auntie in Pasir Ris is tying pigeon to her HDB kitchen window and causing pigeon shit to rain down on her neighbours. Those staying below her don’t dare to sun their clothes or open their windows.

This incident happened at Pasir Ris Dr 3, Blk 628, 5th floor. When Wanbao reporter went to the said unit, there were more than ten pigeons outside the kitchen window and three of them were tied with one leg to the window.

Luo Wen Na staying at third floor said that unit almost everyday would feed birds with bread crumbs and sometimes the bird food would drop into her kitchen and birds would fly in.

The pigeons are intelligent and they would come to that window during meal time everyday. When they are done, they would hang around and as time past a lot of bird shit left on the building making it very smelly.

Luo added that the neighbour is polluting the environment and she five years never open window already because scared bird feathers and bird shit come into her house. Clothes also don’t dare sun outside.

Another neighbour, 19 years old, student, staying at the fifth floor, said that got people complain and police come many times but she still continue like that.

When the reporter tried to interview the pigeon auntie, she denied tying the pigeons to her window and quickly went inside her house to free them.

It is understood the pigeon auntie is a 40 years old woman staying with her elderly parents.

When reporter tried to talk to her further, she closed her door and refused to open it. As the reporters spoke to the neighbours to try and understand the situation, pigeon auntie open her door to check out what’s going on.

When asked by the reporter again, the auntie denied such a thing and say neighbours were talking cock!

When the reporter went downstairs, he realised that the pigeons all disapperared from the window.

The pigoen auntie also has a big black dog and neighbour say she let her dog chase a small girl and during CNY she quarrel with neighbour until police come up 4 times.

Lilin, 66, who is also staying on the fifth floor say she was outside along the corridor with her 12 years old granddaughter and dunno why the pigeon auntie let her big black dog and scare the wits out of her grandchild.

She also say pigeon auntie would anyhow scold neighbours loud loud and neighbours just avoid her and not make any problem.

Lilin say CNY eve pigeon auntie not happy she pray outside her unit and disturb her many times, keep using handphone to take her photos and quarrel until police come up 4 times.

Lilin say she and her husband retired already and just want to live peacefully but this neighbour make things very jialat.

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