15 year-old Catholic High student Luke Chan had returned from a school trip to Shanghai last November, but soon started to show signs of food poisoning the very same day.

On Saturday afternoon, the boy had started vomiting profusely. However, his mother decided that they would observe his condition and go consult a doctor the next day if the situation warranted it.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck as Luke fainted in his home in the evening. He was conveyed to hospital immediately where he succumbed to his illness shortly after. The cause of his death has been kept under wraps.

At Luke’s funeral, Lianhe Wanbao reported that over 100 of Luke Chan’s loved ones, including teachers and Catholic High classmates, attended to send him on his way. Reports also revealed that Luke’s mother, who was stricken with guilt for not sending him to the hospital immediately when he displayed signs of food poisoning, had been harboring suicidal thoughts.

Alas, tragedy has struck twice in the Chan family.

Shin Min Daily News has reported that Luke’s mother, decided to end her life by jumping out of her 4th storey Sin Ming Road HDB flat last Tuesday at about 5.30AM. She was 44.

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