Dear ASS,

Pls report news – even if it’s gossip news in totality and not be the tabloid nonsense that everyone is thinking u out to be.

I refer to this article http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/woman-bless-people-expired-candy-melts-xchange-baby-wipesdiapers

For one, can I be very honest with u- I am the woman who is blessing the candy melts. Yes it’s me and I don’t shy away like some cowards who reported me to you and used you as a platform when she obviously was already slammed by everyone else on the site.

For the record, the reason why I asked for baby wipes and stuff is because someone who came to collect from me said that they feel bad for taking all the items for free and want to bless me back. I don’t even need them, in fact I just said that so that if anyone wants to do so can so they feel good/fair about taking the candy melts. I even have had offers from others to bake stuff for me in exchange which I’ve also said no need and can just come and take.

Just for your info. Candy melts that are past the best before date are not necessarily expired. You should be more informed about expiry dates and technical terms before reporting, lest the report looks like from an uninformed clueless person who doesn’t do proper research.

FYI- this was submitted by a fellow reader.

A.S.S Contributor

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