Dear ASS Editors,

It is very strange for Mrs Lina Chiam to issue this statement at this stage of the by-election. This is the second time that she has done so. The timing of the above article is also impeccable. On cooling-off day, no less; which makes it seem more intentional than coincidental. I further question Dr Da Cunha’s and the reporter’s very sensationalised way of presenting the information.

Case in point, in any democratic organization, its leaders are elected by vote. Dr Da Cunha’s analysis of the situation that it was an “empty gesture” is strange, as the alternative, which is to automatically offer Mr Chiam a leadership position in the party, is clearly undemocratic(and I suspect, unconstitutional). One can see that Dr Da Cunha’s position on this matter is untenable and his motive, suspect.

This article also claims that Mr Chiam was ousted from the SDP, when it is on public record that Mr Chiam had, in fact, resigned.

As to the question of Mr Da Cunha’s and of the author’s journalistic integrity(or lack thereof) on cooling-off day, it would perhaps be quite apt to quote Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong,

“Mr Chiam … was no threat but had, in fact, been ‘good’ for the PAP as “without him, it would have been more difficult to destroy (Singapore Democratic Party chief) Chee Soon Juan.” (PAP sets five goals to win elections in 2002, Straits Times, January 12, 1998)

This is pertinent information which would be useful in aiding the public in forming, as Mrs Chiam says, “a balanced perspective… before making any conclusions.”

No Journalistic Integrity
A.S.S. Contributor

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