It started out as one of many sleazy internet threads found in the darker parts of the internet. A forum thread posted by an anonymous user on a popular sex forum showed a young Singaporean woman, her face fullye exposed, engaging in sexual acts with a Caucasian male in 9 separate videos.

But it did not stop there.

Internet bullies who saw the video waged all out war against the woman, who they labelled an “SPG”, a denigrating slur used to describe local women with Caucasian partners.

Then the anonymous keyboard warriors took it one step further. With the power of the internet, a netizen found a resemblance between the Google+ account picture of a woman, who also owns a Carousell account. They also exposed her Facebook account and even did a “facial recognition” comparison of her photos and the girl in the lewd video.

From her Facebook account, they also made public her workplace and her wedding photos, and even fuelled speculation that the woman was having an affair with the Caucasian husband of one of her friends on Facebook.

It all came to a head today when the woman found out about the thread on the sex forum and lodged a police report. The damage had already been done, however, and according to the woman, this whole incident has “ruined” her life completely.

Creating an account to castigate the online bullies in the forums, she wrote an angry note threatening suicide and warned her aggressors of legal action to come:

“For your sake and many others who copied and pasted my photos and family members’ particulars online, I hope that you were using an internet cafe and not your own computer or phone since ip addresses can be so easily tracked. I myself have also screenshot everything and before killing myself I will at least sue you and many others for loss of income now from my job and tattered reputation all for the sake of making fun of 1 woman. At least I need to leave some money for my family before I go and die.

Therefore yes I am ruined thanks to all of you guys, career gone baby gone husband maybe gone. But at least before my life is really over legal action will be taken against those who harassed me in the forum.”

She also left chilling private messages to netizens involved in the thread, claiming that she was planning to commit suicide with her baby and to expect legal action soon.

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