Dear A.S.S,

I hardly rant but today I’m here to share my worst experience ever with a beauty salon, LUSH AESTHETICS!!! BEWARE!!!

Went to try their Facebook promo of fat freeze at $104.86. Upon arrival they asked for my IC and filled up a bloody long survey. Then ask me to choose my promo package and straight away swipe my card for payment of $104.86. Upon seeing the consultant right after I enter into the room, the consultant took a look at my-not-really-very-flabby-tummy and inform me that the promo is for a size “S” device which is however not suitable for my tummy area.

She advise (or rather up-sell me lah) immediately for me to top-up for a bigger cup which is a HUGE jump from $105 to close to $2200 just so that I can cover my whole tummy area. I refuse and reply that I would like to try out the smaller size first, cos my trip there is to try out anyway.

She became defensive and say impatiently that if I choose to take up their promotion, the result will only cause my tummy’s fat to be imbalance so I must go only top up $2k trial! After much persuasion which didn’t work out, I decided to forgo the promotional trial. Honestly, I’m flabby but not fat and not dumb!

But guess what? They mention even if I refuse to let them try the small cup which in turn will make my tummy imbalance. I still need to pay them a consultation fee of $80++ even though nothing is done!!! I know if I don’t pay, I won’t be able to leave… I had no choice. I felt so cheated!!!


I learn this lesson by paying $80++. I hope to save you guys time and money by going for such ridiculous trial sessions which is in fact a SCAM in disguise!!!

#LUSHaesthetics #fatfreeze #scam #BEWARE

*sad gal*
A.S.S Contributor

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