Dear A.S.S,

I saw this and I was absolutely flabbergasted. Who would bless people with expired items?

This is what the woman posted:
Edited post (as it’s obviously confusing to some)- 20 packets of orange candy melts to give away/BLESS. (Would appreciate baby wipes or diapers in exchage as I’m preggie now). Kindly comment how many u want. Best before date WAS June 2015. Anyone nice is welcome to take- not necessary to have anything in exchange. (I have blessed quite a few items already with no complaints). Note: this has been expired and for those who want to do testing with it. It’s a pity to throw that’s why I’m offering it here.

Obviously, people are asking her why and this is her response.

Her reply to comments:
U know what? – yes nobody is asking u to eat it. It’s for people who don’t mind using it for R&D. And yes
I have blessed a lot of things to people without expecting anything in return. I just put that cos some have Pm me asking if they can give me anything in return. Hope this clarifies and I have updated the post for those who are confused.

A.S.S contributor

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