In SDP’s last rally for Bukit Batok rally, SDP member Yeo Yeu Yong, CEO of Primech international Pte Ltd, laid the smack down on the PAP and vowed that SDP are fully ready to take over the town council’s management. He swore that SDP will take care of Bukit Batok and ensure its estate was free of rats and prevent it from turning into Bukit Tikus.

He accused the PAP of focusing on personal attacks and engaging in gutter politics because they feared a prepared and competent SDP. Yeo vowed that as part of the SDP Transition Town Council and its Operations team, he will maximise operations to achieve cost savings which will be passed on the benefit citizens. His SDP team will strive to get innovative ways to manage the town and only work with the best companies to benefit residents.

He intends to set up a task force for emergency deployment to cover any shortfalls and attend to any defect expeditiously. The SDP Town Council is build on the values of Service, Supervision and Savings. Prompt Service, Effective Supervision and Improved Productivity.

Yeo called to break once and for all the myth that SDP is incapable of managing town councils. He deemed this by-election a divine intervention by the Gods to at last allow change in Singapore’s political landscape.

“Now is the time! Buay Sai Tu Liao! Vote for the SDP and Vote for Dr Chee!”

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