Dear A.S.S,

My group of riders was having our supper at Adam Corner and it has been our weekly routine. And recently there has been too many disturbance from LTA Enforment officer…..

Everytime an enforcement officer arrive they will usually tell us off nicely to remove our bike from the double yellow line where eventually most of us will leave.

But today, to our dissapointment the officer by the name of Patiban told us to remove our bikes from the yellow line. As usually we leave and shift our bikes away.

Suddenly he went on to the the bikes that was park on the pavements and start to take photos of the bikes. He came to us and told us to remove the bikes on the double yellow line, and we did. When questioned, why did the he took photos of the bike, he was that this is pavement. Then we asked him again, just now you told us to remove the bikes from the yellow line and we did. Did you told us to remove the bikes on the pavement? But kept silent and did not answer our question.

These LTA Enforcement officers are confused between their job and the jobs of traffic police. Even if approached by traffic police, the traffic police officer will tell us off nicely. And not straightaway take photos and summon us. They will explain to us.

But this officer is totally rude in the way he talk. We are very dissapointed with this Patiban.

And recently NEA has cane out with a rule that states stationery parked vehicles engines should be off to reduce the air pollution.

This officer, he bike engine was running and parked on a double yellow line.

Breaking two rules at once. Isn’t this a double standard???

A.S.S Contributor

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