Sorry for my looonnnngggg post.

Hope to share this in case any of u here

who r parents, did the same thing and kanna the same way as me. It will spoil ur day!

My little one is sick so we went to Waterway Point to get the medicine prescribed by the doctor. After that we decided to have a quick lunch at this ENCIK TAN (located at B2).

The 1st thing we did was to look for a baby chair. We r glad that there were 3 of them hidden in a corner of the “restaurant”. We happily took 1 and look for a seat.

But…. when we put lo down onto the baby chair then we realised that we r not intelligent enough to use buckle. Went back to check the other 2 baby chair, they r the same. So we check with the Auntie 1 (in white & orange) how to use it and here is her answer: “你们自己拿的,要自己弄。我没有用过,我不知道啦。” (she mean: u take it urself, u should know how to use it! ! I dunno lah! Cos i nv use before!”) She replied in a very defensive manner.

Ok nvm… since it is a quick lunch, we just tighten the belt, it still can be use. Better than nothing.

My husband went to order the food, i took out my lo’s lunch and start feeding him using our own thermal food jar n water bottle. Guess what? After the 1st spoonful, the Auntie 1 came.

Here is our conversation:
Auntie 1: “这里是HALAL的! 你不可以在这里味他hor!” (This is a HALAL PLACE! U can’t feed him here!) Looking stern.
Me: “Huh?! 我不可以在这里味baby吃东西? (What?! I cant feed baby food here??!!)
Then immediately Auntie 2 (in black) came. I supposed she is the manager or boss of the place.
Auntie 2: “你不可以带外面的食物近来我们这里吃! 应为你们煮的食物有用猪肉!” (U can’t bring outside food here. Cos this is a HALAL PLACE. Ur food contains pork!)
Pointing at my baby’s food i told her inside is only porridge with vegetable.
Auntie 2: “我不管你你面是什么! 我们这里是HALAL的! 你不可以带外面的东西来这里吃! 请你明白HOR! 要是有人拍照放上网,说你们在这里味猪肉,我们就糟糕了! 你要明白hor!” (I don’t care what is inside! This s a HALAL PLACE! U can’t bring outside food in to eat! If someone take picture and says u all feed pork inside this place then we r in trouble!! Please understand!!!) She sound like chasing us away!
Me: OK! 好! 明白! 我们不会在来了! (Ok. Got it! I won’t come here again!)

Immediately i turn to my husband to ask if he had ordered the food. If haven’t then we will leave that place.

Unfortunately my chicken cutlet rice is ready n he was waiting for his signature noodle.

Nvm, i put his food aside. Anyway my lo is not feeling well n has poor appetite.

Then the 2 aunties walk away.

We eat as fast as we can n left the place in 5mins.

I tried to look around. But i cant see any HALAL SIGN!

Dear friends,
I love halal food. I definately respect that no pork n no lard in halal food. But since we can eat in the same food court here in sg, what’s the big deal if i m feeding my lo in his own dinning set?
This is the 1st time i got told off for feeding my lo. I was extremely unhappy about it. Even McDonald’s or any other HALAL makan place don’t chase us off for feeding our lo. Moreover i m not using ur bowl/plate to feed.

I m not against these 2 aunties. They r just simply working and executing instructions from boss. The way they put it really sounds nasty. Yes we do undrstand that no outside food or drinks r allowed. But still we were totally shocked to be told off in such a manner.

What if i m a malay mum eating n feeding my lo there? Will the aunties still come n tell me off? They simply assume that i m feeding pork!

NEGATIVE 6 stars!

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