“To recap my pledge to you:

One, I will give running the Town Council and keeping our housing estate in tip-top state my top priority.

Two, I will ensure that the upgrading and installation of new amenities like a hawker centre and eldercare and childcare centres continue smoothly.

Three, we will not engage a managing agent.

Four, we will implement our social programmes to uplift the lives of residents here.

And five, to achieve all this I will perform my duties as your MP on a full-time basis.

Over and above all this, you will have an MP who will speak up for you in Parliament and push the PAP to act in your interest.

For example, I will push for retrenchment insurance law that will help Singaporean retrenched workers. As the economic outlook grows bleaker by the day, our workers need protection and assistance.

While the income stops the bills keep piling up and workers who have been laid off need temporary assistance. If Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong governments can protect their workers, why can’t our government protect us?”

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