A 14-month-old child was sent to hospital for smoke inhalation after loan sharks set fire to his parents’ rental flat just two weeks after moving in.

This incident happened at about 2am on Sunday at Block 59, Lengkok Bahru. Mr Chen had just moved into the two-room flat with his wife and son two weeks ago.

Mr Chen woke up with a shock when he smelled smoke. He rushed to the kitchen to check the stove before realising that the smoke was coming from the door

His neighbour shouted for him to put out the fire. Mr Chen managed to pour a pan of water as the fire was not too big yet. His neighbours helped him to put out the fire too.

The gate and door were burnt black, and slippers left outside were melted.

However, his son had inhaled smoke and they sent him to hospital.

Police were called to the scene. It is likely that the debtor was “Andy”, the previous owner who owed $200 in phone bills and received many tickets for traffic violations.

Mr Chen’s wife is a housewife and often stays at home with his young son, and he is worried for their safety. His son has just learnt how to walk.

For the safety of his family, Mr Chen wants to move out.

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