Dear A.S.S,

Today I took a taxi (trans cab SHD5821Z) at orchard area. It was a short distance to a friends condo to pick up a document so even though I had to pay the extra 3 dollars CBD charges and extra 25 percent and erp, I still have to do it because I was rushing for time. When I arrived at the location, I had to wait for a few mins.

After a min, I told the driver please drive around the compound because I cant see my contact at the location we stopped at. The driver talk back in Chinese ”你这样拖我的时间啊” “you are dragging my time”

So the fact is this, I don’t give a fxxx if you gonna wait 10 mins or more Cus lim peh am still paying and you give me face and attitude within 2 mins of waiting? These drivers and this so called taxi service is why we hate taxis so much. Do I owe them a living or I owe them money?

I hope all that read this and users of such service who goes through what I did, consider using and supporting the third party apps and service. The issues I have with 3rd party apps service is almost zero. The truth is, the taxi governance and system is flawed, and this cause the growth of such drivers who acted as they please.

We do not need to put up to this.

Chris Chia,
A.S.S Contributor

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