Dear CPF Board

When my late Dad passed away in 2014, u sent me a notification on the arrangements of his $$$.
My online claim was rejected and delayed by months just because i submitted my name wf a BINTE instead of BTE as in NRIC. When i made the necessary call to explain that BINTE is also BTE, yr officer insisted that all legal issues shd be as in NRIC. Ok fine….

My eldest girl who has just started teaching, earned her 1st CPF recently. I am asking you now. Why on earth is her name spelt just as “S Aniqah Bt Z Ariffin”? Shouldnt her name be “Syafiah Aniqah Binte Zainal Ariffin” as in her LEGAL SINGAPORE NRIC???

What made u right to change her name?? I believe most Sporeans know Bte=Binte BUT nobody will know what that S meant for my girl’s name!!
S=Siti? S=Sharifah? S=Sexy?
Her BT= Bukit Timah?

Pls do not gv a template reply that my girl’s name is too long. I have checked wf a Chinese fren bfr i put this up. Her name is “H******** A*** K*** W**** and u have it perfectly fine.

Do u change a “Tan Ah Teck” into a “T Ah Teck” ??? T=T-rex? T=Transformers?

I am verrrrrry upset that the Board is doing this cos i painfully rmmbr how it was when you all made me apply all over again fr my late Dad’s CPF thingy.

What will my girl go thru in future if i choose to keep mum abt this now?? Wouldn she face a prob to claim $$$ when im gone??

Who are you all to change her name as in NRIC when it comes to legal issues?? We are NOT talking abt a nickname in FB or what.. we are talking abt HER MONEY deducted fm her salary !! It is HER rights !!

If you think this is a petty issue, look back into yr files on how you rejected my name when BINTE was written instead of BTE… NOW, my girl’s name is TOTALLY changed..

See you when i step in your office. You’re wasting anthr day of my leave just like when you all did last year..

Siti Norsheila BTE Mohamed
(As in NRIC)

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