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Prevention is better than Sorry.

On 1st May, Almost 3am+, after I sent my Girlfriend home at Tamen Jurong, I was heading home.

While I am driving halfway, there is a car opposite my lane, driver waving his hand at me.
Natural reaction, I slow down my car and eventually come to a stop.

The driver spoke in Malay and asked me a question, he end his sentence with the words – Ja krup Ma-lai-yu?
I shake my head. I guess he asked if I can understand malay?

Because we are near to a T-Junction without Traffic Light (Labelled 1 on Picture),
there is a cab behind, horned at me, therefore I have to drive away immediately.

That driver said “ok, Nevermind, I U-Turn”

I was surprised, if he can speak English, then why ask if I know malay?

I felt something is not right, I turned right at junction and speed up to try to avoid him away.

After passing the Cisco building (Labelled 2 on Picture), I met with Red Traffic Light. I stopped, behind me, is the cab followed me.

I was hoping that Car did not U-Turn and catch up with me. I was urgently waiting for the traffic to turn green!

Next min, he speeds up and managed to catch up with me, he then stopped beside my car this time. Oh My God!

So I quickly react & act like I am using my mobile phone talking to people.

He wind down the windows and try to talk to me and wave at me.
Leaving me no choice, I wind down my car passenger windscreen to react to him.

He speak in English this time.
“Hello, can you please help me, I need 18 Ringgit to top up my card, I have no money to go home, my kids are all sleeping in the car”

I have a quick glance at his passenger seat beside him, I saw 1 more guy sleeping with head tilt up but do not look like kid to me, probably early 20-30 with tall build.
I could not see the behind passenger as the glass was a quite dark.

Questions strike me immediately,
– At Odd hour near 3am?
– Drive a Malaysia car with his kids, did not have RM18?
– How would that be possible when usually we keep some spare money especially when we are oversea and moreover with family and kids?
– Tamen Jurong? If he come from his friends or relative house, he could have borrow him them already?

Just feel something fishy and not right…………………………

I was thinking if I go down the car to pass him the money, what if someone come out of the car from behind and slash me with knife, rob me and drive my car away?
Or What if he come over my car and use a knife to point at me?

I pause for that moment and rejected him by saying sorry I have no money.
Cab behind me honk me again, I have to drive away and turn right away.
I speed away with high speed to avoid him follow me again. I monitor my rare mirror until boon lay, he did not follow me anymore.

I did not manage to see his Car Plate, his car is like Subaru Forester type of car.
To me, it’s not a lousy car but did not have RM18?

RM18 is not more than SGD$7.
As a normal Singaporean drivers, its quite affordable.
I guess most of the drivers would help for this kind of situation. Maybe that his tactic to make people help him?

I did not help because there are too many doubts and fishy.
His face doesn’t seem to be a ok guy to me, his car windows is too dark and its happening at odd hours at near 3am midnight.

I may have guess it wrongly, but prevention is better than sorry especially there are few slashing cases that happened recently in our neighbor country.

Share with your friends who drive in case they meet into my similar situation especially at late night specially ladies friend who may not know how to react.

Drive to the nearest Police Station. Do not alight your car in any situation.
Even if it is a genuine case, it is still OK to pass him the money to help him inside the police station.

Derick Khoo
A.S.S contributor

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