I refer to the article “1 in 3 local university students admitted last year is a polytechnic student” (Straits Times, May 2).

It states that “The Ministry of Education (MOE) has revealed that last year’s local university intake had the highest ever proportion of polytechnic graduates at nearly 34 per cent, up from 24.7 per cent in 2011.”

NUS has 34% international students? 

Isn’t it a coincidence that the percentage of international students at NUS is also 34 per cent, according to Times Higher Education?

43% non-S’porean students?

Do these international students include PRs?

If not, if we assume that the percentage of PR students is about the same as the 13.5 per cent of the local population – the percentage of PR students may be about 8.9 per cent (66 per cent x 0.135)?

So, does it mean that the percentage of non-Singaporean students is about 42.9 per cent (34 + 8.9)?

Reciprocate trust with more transparency?

Since the people have given their trust and mandate – shouldn’t we reciprocate by being more transparent?

Leong Sze Hian

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