Hi everyone!

I have just received a reply from Swee Heng Bakery management stating their sincere apologies for the incident that had happened.

And the reply stated as follow. What I have attached are screen shots received exactly and there are no amendments done to please anyone.

So please do not be angry over the first picture circulation as Swee Heng Bakery management have done their part to find out and take necessary precautions as required.

Please do understand that I m doing this voluntarily and I don’t gain anything from anyone and it is done solely for the sake of everyone.

It is enough to have one issue with a halal pastry management and I am very sure that we do not need one more especially when it is located right in the heart of our well-known market.

Let’s understand this together and let it go and move on from here. I am very sure from this stage on, SWEE HENG BAKERY MANAGEMENT will be more careful with their equipment used for storing and delivering their products.

Please feel free to share this posting and hope to clear up the air among our Muslim community.

‪#‎LetsForgiveandForget‬ ‪#‎AccidentHappens‬

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