Dear A.S.S,

I refer to your publication and would like to give my 2 cents worth as an overseas Singaporean. What I mean by “overseas” is being a PR of the foreign country while retaining Singapore Citizenship and participating in voting at limited S’pore embassies. Why do we not give up the citizenship is simply because we do not see a need to renounce our birthright, period!

I immigrated to the States about 40 years ago and have been living there since, very accustomed to that way of life while sending monies home. Countries such as the US, UK, Australia and Canada offer much opportunities not just in economic terms but also the ability for one to accept constructive criticism and constantly improve in life as “failure is the mother of all successes” is a norm there. But back in S’pore, this mantra is not acceptable and parents would either fret or break down if they learn their children did not manage to get into “Retarded Idiots” (RI), some other top schools or are even lagging behind their neighbors or relatives. The one-sided pursuit of perceived economic or developmental success and “worship” of certain figures who “attained” that narrow level and subsequently inducted into business or political leadership is what will lead to the eventual downfall of S’pore in phases. After all, did not 1 of our founding fathers, Mr Lim Kin San heavily criticized this elitism as he build up our houses and the HDB with only ‘O’ level qualifications!

Now back to this ignorant Ang Moh, I actually do not blame him as my own friend from the US held this opinion when he visited S’pore 3 years back because of the people he interacted with in our country. He told me most of the service staffs here look like they are from 3rd world countries and had immense difficulties understanding basic English. He initially thought they were merely transient workers but was later shocked to learn that these people had PR and some were even citizens! No thanks in part to the closer ASEAN integration union which opened the floodgates and ultimately sealed our fate with these uncivilized civilization which political style we picked up.

I found this to be true myself when I came back to visit family and friends during the 2015 Lunar New Year and strolled around S’pore to see what has changed. I was dumbfounded to see hordes of foreigners literally occupying almost every position at hospitals, major shopping centers and eateries without the need to possess basic hygiene or communication skills. When I shopped at “Cold Storage” Bugis, I saw only 2 Singaporean workers out of a sea of Filipino managers and Malaysian cashiers. How could this occur in a short span of a decade leaves much room for pondering if this is indeed the manner Singaporeans want the country to progress? With ARTIFICIAL suppression of wages, marked-up land costs and quantity of the population instead of quality! The QC in this instance, the citizens, have failed in its duty to exercise proper control.

I always vote for opposition at our embassy by the way and trust me on this, those ‘majority’ overseas Singaporeans who endorse PAP and bitch about their host countries are in actual fact, hypocrites who are very happy that policies back home prevent fellow Singaporeans from progressing in life so they can be “retained” here. If the US or other developed countries are as bad as they claimed, wouldn’t they have boarded the first flight for home?

#It’s time

Lai Foon
A.S.S Contributor

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