No, we cannot stoop that low. No, we cannot. They might discredit someone’s character. They might mock those without jobs. But we are not like them. We will stand tall and stand above it all.

No, we cannot be like them. They might make him lose his job and feel no guilt. But we have a conscience. And we will stay clear-minded and strong.

For is it not they say to live your life to the fullest and not to give those who mock you the chance to laugh? And Dr Chee Soon Juan has. He stood tall. He is the greater man. And he continues to hold his head up high.

By now, Dr Chee has inspired many. The fight he has fought for Singaporeans has finally touched the hearts of many.

For how many can have the steel like him to withstand the onslaught of bullying and still be able to smile with such great spirits. To still treat his opponents with respect, even as they continue to try to drag him down.

But he will not be swayed. They can drag themselves through the mud. But no, he will stand firm. When one believes in equality, justice and freedom, one believes in it truly.

Dr Chee continues to live with integrity. Doesn’t matter what they do to him. At the end of the day, his heart is in the right place – for Singapore and Singaporeans – and he knows he will be able to sleep at night. What Dr Chee has shown is that while his opponents spend their time thinking of ways to fix him, he is not concerned with that.

He only wants to spend his time thinking about what policies to create, so that Singapore can be a fairer and more just society. Dr Chee has bigger things to thing about – how to care for Singaporeans.

If I sound like I speak of the man with great admiration, it is because I truly admire this man. I had to fight the defamation suit for 2 years and it has been exhausting. I cannot imagine the will and strength he has to go through it all – the more than 20 years now. All this while, being a committed husband to his wife, May, and a responsible father to his children.

They say he has no job. I say it is because he has such a simple life but is still able to take care of his family and bring up his children that is truly great and admirable. For those who mock him, do they understand how hard he has fought? Do they understand what it means to be brave and to stand by your beliefs and values?

Words are easy, as are mine. But Dr Chee has lived through more than 20 years of it, when he could have gone to America – the land of the free – and live a successful life now. But he chose to stay. He chose to give that all up to fight for Singapore. For those of us who have planned our careers and who keep trying to climb up the corporate ladder, you know how big a sacrifice Dr Chee has made.

This man is made of a steel that many of us cannot imagine. All because he believes in Singapore. All because he wants to fight for a better Singapore.

For me, for all his sacrifices and his sense of mission, this is a man who truly has the heart for Singapore and who truly cares for Singaporeans.

Such a man – Dr Chee – needs to be in parliament to serve the people. He needs to be our voice. He needs to be our choice.

But like Dr Chee says, success is not just determined by power or money.

It is determined by your values, your heart and your service.

These are values embodied by Dr Chee and who has lived his life vigorously to these principles.

More importantly, Dr Chee understands Singaporeans.

He knows how important unemployment benefits are to the many of us who are unemployed today and he wants to champion for us on this issue.

He knows how the cost of living has become so expensive in Singapore today that we need minimum wage to protect the workers and our families.

He knows how important university education is and how expensive it has become and how the government has a responsibility to spend more on our children’s education.

He knows how we need to make healthcare truly affordable so that Singaporeans will not be scared to go to a hospital. So that we can get well.

And he knows how retirement is important to Singaporeans. And collecting cardboards cannot be a respectable way of life.

When Dr Chee goes into parliament, he will ask the hard questions. He will help Singaporeans get our money back.

So that all Singaporeans can live good lives.

In Dr Chee, I trust. Because he has lived the life.

He has lived by example.

He is a man I admire and greatly respect.

But most importantly, I hope a man who has the heart for Singapore and who will truly fight for Singaporeans will go in and make that difference. And help Singaporeans.

Most importantly, I want Singaporeans to have a chance to have a voice who will speak up strongly for us.

Most importantly, ‪#‎NowIsTheTime‬ for us to give ourselves a chance, to have a new vision.

So that all Singaporeans can live in a democratic society, based on justice and equality.

So as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

For ourselves. And for our children.

We must. #NowIsTheTime

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