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PAP’s Murali is ethically bankrupt!

So, we know the candidate Murali has indicated that he will only treat his MP responsibilities on a part time basis. He claims that there is no need for an MP to spend full time at the job even though he is in an SMC and not a GRC and will be the sole and only MP in that ward. He will be keeping his job at Rajah and Tann. Ok, fine, I do have a problem with this, but not as large as the problem I have with the following tacit admission by Murali.

What Murali should have done if he was a moral person would be to say that if he does this as a Part Time Job, he should have in the very same breath said he will take only partial salary. That is fair and morally upright thing to do. For example, if he says he will discharge his MP duties for only 10 hours a week, then, he should just say that he has voluntarily turn down $13000 in pay and accept only a $4000 salary. In this way, these is some justification for telling everyone that he will work only part time for them.

I think people can see the fairness in this, although its not fair in the regard that they deserve full representation for themselves in Parliament through their MP which can best be achieved if the MP works full time. But lets all be clear on one thing. Mr. Murali’s chief source of income by far is from his law practice. Its very possible that even at the full pay of $17K per month as an MP, this could very well only constitute 10% or less of his income from R & T. In other words, he does not need the money. If he was an ethical person, he could have simply said, “look I can only be your MP for part time. and therefore, i don’t feel that its proper to take the taxpayer’s money for that much. Instead, i will not draw a pay and discharge my MP duties to the best of my abilities on a part time basis”.

I think people will accept this and respect this even if they don’t like it. But lets face it, he is cut from the same mould as the other PAP candidates. These people are already very wealthy. And really, even $17K a month (a significant amount to most people), is peanuts for a man like Murali who is in charge of 100 lawyers in one of the biggest law firms in singapore. His annual compensation is easily several million $ a year from R & T.

Mr. Murali, here is the way to save your face. Tell the people that you will only take partial salary since you are working partially for them. That will go a long way to help yourself look less like the greedy asshole that you are. And more importantly, Mr Murali, that is the ethical and moral thing to do.

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