Dear A.S.S,

Do not ever book Pacific Express & Tour coaches to malaysia!

This company book 40 over people for trip to KL and Genting and the coach timing were from 8pm till 12am, hourly. The lady boss keep delaying the coach timing and we dunno the exact timing coach will arrive.

During the delay the lady boss was not even in the shop, she just went home to slp and left 40 over people keep waiting without knowing what time the coach will come.

At 12.30am, one 27 seater coach turn up to send 40 over people to both KL and genting! The bus driver also told us the bus is not suitable to go genting cos it’s dangerous. Lady boss refuse to pick up calls. Only after threats of calling police, she turned up at 1.25am. She refuses to refund tickets.

She booked a van that is also not suitable to go genting. Going up the slope of genting, it keep stopping by roadside, risking our lives!

Such unethical company, only want to earn our money and dun care abt our lives and safety. She can still slp while sending people to hell!

Jolene Ong,
A.S.S Contributor

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