Dear A.S.S,

1st of May 2016

We went to ‪#‎decathlonsingapore‬ to checkout is new opening sportmall.Most everything selling at cheap price.The place is like ikea.Customers are allowed to try to play with the balls,sit on the display chairs and mingle around with the stuffs.Most kids are very busy bouncing the basketball balls , kicking the soccer balls.

As my nephew was so excited trying out the ruby ball,one of the sales staff by the named of Anthony Natasha shouted from the end of the hall and running towards him & shouted..Eh!Eh!Stop playing with the rubgy ball!All people looking at him as if he try to steal the ball.My bro in law and my huby shouted at her back.We were shocked why she must shout at him only as there are kids around playing.What she thought we malay cant afford to pay??We so low class or what!!My bro in law shouted infront of her face till the whole place went quite.

The duty manager try to calm things out by asking us to settle things outside.As we were walking towards the exit..she keep shouting and threaten to call the police!OMG!!…all people see us as if we are trying to steal!!!…My huby tell her of infront of her face.” Go ahead and call!!you want to call or I call??!!”The duty manager pull her away and tell us to wait outside.We waited outside about 15mins.We demand her to come out and give us apology.The duty manager say to us that she did not want to see us!!WHAT!!!So i demand her full name and the manager email so I can lodge complaint.I record video and trying to find the rude staff but she no where to be found.

Dear #decathlonsingapore , please educated your staffs with a proper customer services as this could tarnish your reputation.Thanks to the duty manager , Solihin for helping us with the staff name and the store manager name.

Rosa Rusli,
A.S.S Contributor

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