This is Ihsan Bin Tomino. He has been an SBS Transit bus driver for the past 3.5 years and THE BEST I have met.

From the time I boarded the bus to the time I alighted, he greeted every passenger with smiley enthusiasm.

As I observed the strange scene unfolding in front of my eyes, Cynicism spoke: Seriously? Is this guy for real?

I started to look around for a hidden camera or disguised candid camera crew.

Wait a minute! I stopped myself, ashamed of my thoughts.

I continued to watch some more. This guy is for real. He is definitely genuine about greeting his passengers when they enter his bus, reminds them to be careful and makes sure they are seated before driving off. He makes it a point to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone leaving the bus too. Most importantly, he is a darn good driver, smooth and careful when navigating bumps on the road and other road users. The more I watched, the broader my smile became.

It was my turn to alight from the bus and I felt I needed to let him know the difference he has made. I asked him if I could take a photo of him. He immediately turned shy but said ok.

Me: “you must really love your job right?”

Ihsan: “Love every minute of it”

I am so glad I got to thank him and told him he has made my day. I am still smiling as I type this post.

You have a gem here SBS Transit, I hope you know it and recognize him duly. This is GOLD service standards.

Once again Ihsan, thank you for making my short bus ride one of the most memorable one I had.

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