Dear A.S.S,

Did Murali offer anything new to the town development plan?

Was Straits Time(ST) fooled or was Straits time fooling citizens?

Straits Time announced that Murali “UNVEILS” BB infrastructure plans on 24 Apr 16 [link]. Unveils, if one is to refer to any dictionary, will be to uncover, which implies it is something “New”. However, on 28 Apr 16, Channel News Asia had an interview with him. This UNVEILS that the BB infrastructure plans are part of the plans of the previous MP who resigned on grounds of “personal indiscrection”, Mr David Ong [link]. So was ST fooled? Or was ST trying to distract and discredit Dr Chee for not having a town development plan, just to help Murali to score a few points [link]. I just hope that ST will not be like this Grace Fu who will give excuses such as misquoted [link], misunderstood [link]etc.

Is ST trying to help its political masters ,the pap?

The above is a reflection that ST is not trustworthy and will manipulate anything to help its pap masters, which even Lee Wee Ling has shed some light on it[link]. If you think ST is trust worthy, please see the press freedom ranking before believing in what you read from ST[link]. Singapore has further dropped lower to rank 154 out 180 countries in 2016.

Murali has no new plans, so how is he his own man?

If Murali cannot even offer BB residents a new infrastructure plans, how much is Murali his own man? Of course the media and the pap would portray him as his own man[link]. However, he has to toe the party line and not have new plans…so how is he his own man? It has been shown that he has to help fulfilled the party town development plan instead of a totally new one, which initially was thought to be over and above the Mr David Ong. This is a strong indication of more orders in which murali has to obey his party. Yet, this is before the election. What is more after the elections? Would you vote for murali?

If he is not his own man, isn’t him just another of the 81 pap MPs?

What is then he different from the other 81 pap MPs? If he cannot up with his own plans or have an extra one to start, what so different about repeating or re-emphasizing what the top has already planned? Furthermore, he is not going to be a full time MP and someone else, naming the town council pap appoints will be the one executing the plans[link]. A simple point for murali to clarify is this: does he agree with this GRACE FU remarks on ministers pay review?

This Grace Fu said this[link]: When I made the decision to join politics in 2006, pay was not a key factor. Loss of privacy, public scrutiny on myself and my family and loss of personal time were. The disruption to my career was also an important consideration. I had some ground to believe that my family would not suffer a drastic change in the standard of living even though I experienced a drop in my income. So it is with this recent pay cut. If the balance is tilted further in the future, it will make it harder for any one considering political office.

Solution for Bukit Batok Residents: Don’t reward personal indiscretion by voting another pap MP in, especially one who will just be like another 81 other pap MPs. He will not go strongly against the party directions and you will suffer for it, just like how many Singaporeans are suffering now due to the economic down turn.

Also, remember, a change person is one who we should give another chance.

Afterall who has no history,I have too. Unless you are pap, where the kindness movement will advise to be gracious. Based on the MRT incidents of breakdowns and unnecessary deaths, the minister involved has not perform his prescribed HARA-KIRI[LINK].

The likely outcome is rewarding pap for starting this trouble and attracting more problems.

The most probable outcome of this election is that pap will win, albeit with a smaller percentage than in 2015. It is sad. Voting Dr Chee in will not worsen the economic situation. Voting Dr Chee will not cost you to be retrenched. In fact Voting Dr Chee will keep pap on their toes to look out for Singaporeans, especially those retrenched. Yet all said and done, Singaporeans only reward pap for their indiscretions. Sometimes Alternative Parties would wonder why they give their time and effort to the majority who doesn’t care and do not appreciate. Vote for SDP and Dr Chee please! This is not just for you but the generations that come after you.

This is your Singapore and not pap’s.

Anson Be,
A.S.S contributor

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