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Dear FB friends,

Please passed this message around to your friends, love one, neighbors and whoever you wish to relay and share this message below. A letter and cash to Dr Chee Soon Juan wishing him success to Parliament.
Most parents wish for their next generation, especially their children.

Look what has happen now to Singapore? Doctors being imported into Singapore. Lawyers, Pilots, Nurses, and many more etc.. etc… Its citizens became a laughing stock to the whole world and becomes a 2nd class citizens in their own country. Nothing good changes in Singapore. Many rich Singaporeans becomes poor due to their brainless ideas, policies and agenda. Many of our authentic food, heritage, customs, dialects and etc..etc.. going to be disappear soon. It is like old chunky curry puff. From 80 cents now selling $1.50/piece size and fillings still the same amount with 1 pieces chicken. If they could filled 3 to 4 more pieces of chicken pieces and 50% more of its sizes, I believed there is some hope. PAP pays themselves unproductive amounts of salaries with unproductive of ideas of theirs. In 5 years time, Singapore and its citizens will be doomed. Singaporeans, wake up your senses, do you want to see your wife, daughters, mothers, grandmothers to work in foreign countries as maids? Do you want to see your husbands, sons, father and grandfathers to work in foreign countries as labourers? Now is the time. Save Singapore, our only beloved country before it is too late.

Please show your support and in solidarity with Dr Chee Soon Juan by clicking Like and shares. Thank you. Singapore is for you and me and for our next generation especially our children. In time to come, we are going to live and died here as Singaporeans.

Tan Suanaik,
A.S.S. Contributor

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