Today a conversation with a scholar just pisses me off, he was asking me about my back ground, and my education, I told him I came from a normal technical stream and from a Neighbourhood secondary school, and subsequently went to ITE, so his replied was, oh, you were a ITE student, that explains the tattoo *with a grin*

A typical Scholar from one of the TOP school in Singapore, sharing about which school he came from, and how competitive it was to be in of of the TOP Secondary school and JC, I replied with just a smile.

Not everyone from a TOP JC, TOP secondary school or University has the right to look down on those who are not in their league.

Not every scholars are useful and some are particularly useless, sitting in the office from 8am – 5.30pm writing emails and replying emails, I believed that how the society now here works for all those.

To nurture a good young generation doesn’t means that they have to be in the TOP school, what happened if they are in the TOP school but with attitude? Many people
Whom I know doesn’t come from TOP schools, or holds a very high education, but they are the bosses of these highly educated people. You get my point?

I believe the education system here are really stressing out and stereotyping people, it became so competitive that many pure and innocent child has lost their innocent self, it has now cultivated them to be heartless and yes with high IQ but Low EQ,

Many of my friends who wanted their kids to go into good school so that their children can have good future, yes it might be true, but Neighbourhood school also does bring out many outstanding people.

Not all ITE students ends up doing Low job, and not all graduate ends up getting well paid job, not all that don’t study hard will end up sweeping the floor, becoming Cleaners, and worst not all ITE students will become crime offenders or likely to be jailed. The statistic doesn’t shows that, many highly educated people also ended up in jail, cheating, power yearning, drugs, everything, so whatever bad stuffs that could possible happened will be ended up to Low educated us, it can happened to anyone.

I am blessed that I came from a normal school Bukit view secondary school, and of course proud of it, and ITE campus west, look where I am now, I earned a very decent salary, and I am very happy with my job and happy being who I am, from those graduates, many are still lost in their lives in searching of what they really want and what could make them happy. Many of them lost themselves. But some do made it.

It doesn’t mean that all those who are sitting highly on the governing cabinets are happy people, yes, good pay, but are they really happy? So many saga, that had happened to those in the parliament officials, some could even be resulting into saying the wrong things that gotten them into trouble, worst of their actions, scandalous etc etc, so being in a high position or highly educated person doesn’t mean that they won’t make mistake, they do.

So before someone start judging, take out your check list and check yourself first, if you are so that damn perfect, you won’t be around, cos it doesn’t exist. No one is perfect, God is fair, he gives you this, he take others away from you. Means God wants equality.

This post doesn’t means anything, just ranting about how our society have created our people in such to display their subconscious by not being their true self, it’s a damn sad pain truth. So before you judge, think twice. Parents, doesn’t means a person who has tattoo means that they are bad people, these people might be the one who might be able to help your children when they are in bad times. And don’t discourage your child from joining those who are not educated because there are things that school doesn’t teach and there are actions that could help your child from these people.

But I believe these likely would happens, till today, everyone still judge, even myself, it’s the system that has mould us to what we are now. Keep religions aside, basically, we all just need to show a little respect to one another, things might turn out good.

Just a night rant and have a good night read.

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