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Dear All Singapore Stuff,
This is in response to Shirwin Eu's wife's comments about her husband's latest attempt in taking part in the Bukit Batok by-elections.
Lets take this into context shall we, and be logical about it?
First and foremost, she goes on a long rant about the deposit required. Let us for a second consider that the deposit was a non-issue. The applicant, Mr. Eu did not have the support required for the application process. Furthermore, though a lot of accusations and arrow pointing has been done, with regards to the deposit money, the reason behind it is found in another one of our national woes: The exorbitantly high salaries of Ministers.
To prevent a situation where a candidate might apply to run for election as his primary objective is to "enjoy the fame and wealth of this job prospect"– an argument that her husband makes willingly and unabashedly. By setting a high cost for running for elections it prevents candidates from entering into Office on false pretences and forces them to focus on their primary objective, that of nation building and developing.
Whether our ministers enjoy a salary that is high, is an argument for another day. For now, understand that $13,500.00 might be a high amount to many, but if one is deserving and truly a worthy contestant, they would be resourceful enough to acquire this amount. If they are not able to have the networking, connections, resource nor ability to raise funds from the public the way Bernie Sanders did, then they do not deserve to run for the simple fact that they bring no value, whatsoever, in the larger schema of things.
You ended off the rant (I do sympathize with your frustration, nonetheless it is a rant as it goes circular an nowhere) by complaining about the COE and our public transport network, specifically, our rail network. You describe the situation as being between a rock and a hard place. Now though that has merit in it as an argument, again, let us look at the bigger wider picture.
On the issue of the COE, the certificate is set at such a high price, because of, believe it or not, others like Mr. Eu. I know at this moment a wave of anger might be going over you, but you do remember the industry report that highlighted that Uber was causing there to be an excessive demand for COE's. In fact, it managed to secure nearly 14% of the successful bids. An anomaly according to the report.
I hope that all of this helps explains things for you in a clearer manner, if it does not, it’s fine by me. However, please, indulge some questions from me; Why did your husband not highlight nor provide any modicum of a detailed solution or suggestion as to solving the two very issues that you pointed out and are, from the looks of it, very important to your family and its wellbeing? Would you not have already discussed these issues exhaustively and garnered a direction towards a viable solution? Would that not have been a better response than the desire to achieve wealth and fame when requesting to be voted into public office? How could you have managed to believe that the public would vote you when you clearly stated your motivation for running was personal and not national?
The truth hurts, failure sucks and worst of all is rejection. Maybe use the time between now and the next opportunity to improve yourselves, improve your arguments and improve your stance, and then comeback, or not.
Sagar Gandhi

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