Dear A.S.S,

Yesterday night around 9pm, I went to the Raffles Clinic at Jurong point. A Chinese lady at the counter. I asked her whether I can have a queue number despite I didn’t bring ID card with me. She said can. Then another lady (a little dark skin) just came in. when the 2nd lady saw me filling the form at the counter in front her, she immediately burst into huge laughter and shouted: ‘she must be here for MC!’ She shouted and laughed several times, but I said nothing about her rude manner, and just waited for some minutes until it’s my turn.

After getting into the doctor’s room (Dr khoo Buk Kwong), I tried to tell my problem. I said I had been suffering from pains and paralysis on neck, right shoulder, right arm, left lower chest and blah blah recently. Having been taking medicines for some weeks already and even taken frequent injections recently, but not any better.

Then Dr khoo Buk Kwong chillily asked: “Are you here for MC?” I answered I’m here to look for treatment, but if you can confirm my unwellness, it’s of course better to issue me an MC to let school know my condition. I’m now in exam period, I was NOT and will NOT be absent from any exam, but l think it’s better to let school know my case.”


Then I explained:” I have already taken my exam today, and I would NEITHER be absent from any upcoming exams. What l need is to confirm what’s wrong with myself and get medicine/injection. Even the X-Ray taken in my school clinic cannot tell my problem. An MC is just to let school know my case, not for being absent from exam. You please conduct workups on my body and tell me what problem is with me.”

However, instead of doing any workups, Dr khoo just kept shouting many rude words towards me and told those 2 counter ladies to let me leave RIGHT NOW.

Then I can do nothing else but getting out of doctor’s room.

After getting out, the Chinese lady immediately said: “the doctor asks you to leave now. You leave RIGHT NOW. You’re here for MC. The doctor said not to give you!” Then I tried to explain it’s not like that and I want to know the unwellness with me, but those 2 ladies kept urging me to Go AWAY.

Then I said: “Then, can I buy some medicine here instead? I need the medicine which relaxes muscle. Then 2nd lady packed a small strip of pill and passed to me, asking me to pay 46 dollars. (Before passing the medicine to me, she had said something with doctor, only 1 sentence. I didn’t hear what they said, and it’s a sure thing that I didn’t ask her to consult the doctor AT ALL!)

After passing the medicine to me, l rejected, saying the medicine is NOT exactly the type I want, and 46 SGD is too expensive also. I will NOT buy.

Then, the Chinese lady said: “Anyway you MUST pay 36.35 SGD consulting fee even if you don’t buy medicine. OR YOU CANNOT LEAVE!”

I was not willing to pay the so-called consulting fee and argued that just now the doctor did NOT do any workups for me at all, he did NOT measure my body temperature, did NOT test my blood pressure, did Not do any workups for me, and he just did NOT believe whatever description of my sick conditions.

All that he did was shouting that I’m here to CHEAT FOR MC. However, those 2 ladies insisted that I had to pay 36.35 SGD as long as I entered the doctor’s room. They didn’t let me leave if I don’t pay.
Then I had no other choice but to pay, because I still have exam the next morning so l cannot stay out too late. I passed them 50 SGD to them, then one lady THREW the changes HEAVILY onto the table. I asked for receipt but they didn’t give. The darker lady then said, if you are not happy, you can complain to anyone!’

I provide my real name, ID number and contact number for your Investigation. My requirement is very simple: let clinic return me the 36.35 SGD and compensate me 3 SGD transportation fee (because I travelled from school to Raffles for medical consulting, but the doctor refused to help me).

Besides, after telling several of my friends about it, I was informed that, my experience with that clinic is NOT a single one. Several of my friends had very similar stories with those 3 persons. One month ago my friend even met

Dr. Khoo WATCHING MOVIES AT THE SAME TIME WHEN DOING CONSULTING WITH PATIENT!!! He also rebut whatever my friend said about his unwellness, and without any workups he said my friend was not sick at all!!!

I was even told by someone: THAT DOCTOR HAD EVER BEEN PUT INTO 2 YEARS AGO for selling medicines WITHOUT license and BEATING POLICEMAN!!! I cannot believe Raffles is hiring such a doctor!!!


Mr Robin on behalf of Miss J
A.S.S contributors

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