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I refer to the 30 Apr 2016 Straits Times report “Grace Fu and Halimah point to Murali’s track record and character” i.e.

Ms Fu and Madam Halimah reportedly laid out three criteria for Bukit Batok voters to judge their candidates:
>First, what kind of person is the candidate?
>Second, what promises has be made?
>And third, can he deliver on them?
1) Kind of person

Dr Chee lives in a three room flat. He is the kind of person who well understands through first hand experience, the daily grind of the common folk.

Mr Murali is a successful lawyer. He is the kind of person who better understands what it is like to be successful and to be an elite in this country.

Who will better understand the concerns of the Bukit Batok common folk? Dr Chee who lives their lives or Mr Murali who does not?

2) Promises and delivery

Dr Chee promises to be a full time MP. He is expected to easily fulfill his promise given he doesn’t have a full time job.

Mr Murali who most certainly would be a part time MP promises to deliver as good if not better care to the residents than Dr Chee. Mr Murali is expected to under-deliver as his full time job as a lawyer will always take precedence over his MP duties. He can be expected to tuang many of the parliament sessions as video footages have shown many PAP MPs tuang parliament sessions. But Singaporeans love to pay PAP MPs $16,000 every month to tuangparliament sessions.

*Work experience*

Grace Fu lambasts Dr Chee for not holding a full time job for a long time and then questions his relevant work experience.

However, between Dr Chee and Mr Murali, Dr Chee’s variety of work experiences is actually richer and more relevant to an MP’s duties as compared to Mr Murali’s. Unlike Mr Murali who can only claim expertise in matters of law in parliament, Dr Chee has given talks to international audiences and written books and papers published by leading newspapers and magazines in a variety of topics including economics, politics, law, democracy and so on.

Moreover, Dr Chee is the leader of the SDP whereas Murali is just an ordinary PAP member. In this respect, Dr Chee is more qualified than Mr Murali.


Grace Fu criticises Dr Chee’s lack of referral from his mentor Mr Chiam See Tong. But Mr Chiam isn’t Dr Chee’s only mentor. Back when Mr Chiam resigned as secretary general of SDP, all the other mentors of SDP backed Dr Chee, not Mr Chiam. So it is not that Dr Chee doesn’t have endorsement from his mentors, he only doesn’t have endorsement from Mr Chiam just as Goh Chok Tong didn’t get Lee Kuan Yew’s endorsement but became the prime minister just the same from the endorsements of most of his other colleagues.

*Paddy stalk*

Madam Halimah describes Mr Murali as a bowing paddy stalk. Madam Halimah, we don’t need paddy stalk, we can import rice. But we have persistent pigeon problems in many hawker centres. Perhaps Mr Murali can make a good scarecrow instead.

Madam Halimah claims that Mr Murali’s nomination by a Chinese activist shows that his hard work has transcended racial differences. But it can also mean that all the other Chinese PAP activists in Bukit Batok are so hopelessly ji hong that he has no choice but to nominate Mr Murali.

*Shout at Goh Chok Tong*

Both ladies remind Bukit Batok voters that Dr Chee shouted at Goh Chok Tong 15 years ago. That episode shows a few things. It shows that Dr Chee is totally honest. He bares his all, he doesn’t pretend. It also shows that Dr Chee is passionately concerned with Singapore and will fight and shout for our money if he finds out it had been squandered away.

*Town council*

Both ladies remind Bukit Batok voters of how long it took (presumably WP) to get the town council in order. But KPMG has recently cleared the air and clearly explained that the key to town council issues were the obstacles placed by the PAP itself. In other words, Grace Fu and Madam Halimah are reminding Singaporeans that PAP will continue to engage in unethical ways to sabotage the new town council team with total disregard to the welfare of Bukit Batok residents. Will Bukit Batok residents be held ransom by PAP?

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