Dear A.S.S.

I am an Aljunied resident of BRP and have been keenly following Dr Chee’s by election as a very good indicator of the people’s mood and confidence in the ruling party to secure their rice bowls and future in this current gloomy economic climate since the last GE. In our tiny red dot, there is NO such a thing as “local issues” as everything from transportation to development affects everyone on this island, you just have to look no further than the overcrowding population issue.

I hope I can now be honest without earning any condemnation as I voted for the PAP in GE 2015 but have had my confidence in their ‘reformation’ shattered since the outward heckling behavior of the Speaker of Parliament and MCCY Minister. I seriously did not expect this to come from persons holding high office, especially since the cabinet in Khaw Boon Wan has always wanted the people to be more patient and forgiving of their mistakes. But I see double standards applied when it comes to their opponent or dissenting voices. I received news that Mdm Halimah had ordered her constituency director to abruptly cancel her party’s ComCare assistance funded by taxpayers to 1 of her residents who had supported the SDP in this campaign. No offense to muslims but I feel its very hypocritical for a tudung wearer to display such character flaws as I always thought persons who don the tudung are kind, patient and loving people.

I was also taken aback when witnessing Mdm Halimah in a clear footage, inciting her audience to violently object Dr Chee’s presence in this election. I used to wonder where the problem lies with our nation being an
ungracious one, from the schools to roads to service industries hospitable only to Caucasian guests, I now get my answer in this 1-1 campaign. As PM Lee rightly puts it, how we want to shape our nation is who we place in Parliament to represent our interests!

I leave readers with my 3 point thoughts of this poll:

1. I noticed an absence in DPM Tharman’s assertion at the last forum of CNA that “a good opposition will be good for Singapore”.

2. The remarks of DPM Teo in the 2012 Hougang BE when my Town Councillors decided to nominate Mr Png Eng Huat as their candidate – “Why did the WP not send Mr Png to parliament as NCMP but decided to choose Mr Gerald Giam instead?” On the flip side, why did the PAP not put up Murali as candidate for BB after the death of Dr Ong since he had supposedly served there for “15 years” but decided to field David Ong instead? Was he not good enough which was why he was haphazardly sent to Aljunied only in May 2012?

3. Now that Murali has decided to abandon us for a shot at the high part-time salaried post, what has become of the promises he and his fellow teammates for that matter, made to us? Was it just in vain? No matter what the outcome of the BE is, my neighbors and I have already decided to cast our lots with the Mr Low Thia Khiang instead of Victor Lye at the next GE as their insincerity and dishonesty have seriously put us off to a point of no return.

Cindy Law
A.S.S Reader

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