Following a media interview with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong this morning, netizens have been up in arms over some of the comments that PM Lee has made about Chee Soon Juan, SDP chief and election candidate for the Bukit Batok by-election. Our reader has sent us his thoughts on PM Lee’s comments.

“Mr Lee, I am ashamed of some of the comments you make this morning about Dr Chee Soon Juan, the SDP candidate. Being the prime minister for all Singaporeans, you have chose to continue attacking Chee like some of your party members and showing that you too are very hypocritical.

Let everyone look at some of the comments.

1] Make fun of Dr Chee’s unemployed status.

PM LEE: “Chee Soon Juan, actually I know him for a long time also. He has not been working full-time. And now he says I want to work full-time for you.”

2] Insult the character of Dr Chee when he tried to be above board in politics.

PM LEE: “And it is partly your record, It is partly your ability. But it is also your character… At the SDP rally all the speakers fired away at David Ong. And then came Chee Soon Juan at the end. And then Chee Soon Juan said, oh…you must not hit somebody who is down – that is very bad. It is completely hypocritical. You get your guys to say all the bad things. And you come along and you look back…and be nice and say you must not hit somebody. Having caused your lieutenants to hit him as hard as they can. But unfortunately it is recurring.”

3] Bring up the long long ago past of Dr Chee.

PM LEE: “So, when I read the Wanbao interview with Dr Chee I was saddened but not surprised. Because he is not sorry for anything he did. He is not – he is proud of his record, he is proud of his craziness streak. And yet when he comes today, he presents himself as a changed man. And he said last night at the rally, “even good people make mistakes and you must give them a second chance.” But before you can turn around and make good, you must first recognise that something has gone wrong. And then you have to put it right. Which in this case, if nothing has gone wrong, there is nothing to put right. Then how can you have cleared?

This election should be a clean fight, with nothing in the way of the policies that will benefit the country. I hope you will stop playing politics like Dr Chee said about you and just let Bukit Batok residents decide what is best for them. Thank you.

D. Wong
A.S.S. Contributor

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