Dear ASS,

During the last GE in September 2015, i was at my parents place on a saturday when the door bell rang. Standing there was 2 RC/PAP staff with the lightning logo on their tee shirt. She “instructed” me to stay at home bcos the mp is coming by to give me some stuff.

So naturally, i asked her give out what. She murmured something which i couldnt really understand. i went “huh?” Then she impatiently said, “walkabout la, you dont know what is walkabout ah?” I smiled and asked her “she’s giving out walkabouts? what do you mean she’s giving out walkabouts?”

The other person beside her immediately said something like “this one don’t waste time”. then she said to me “never mind, if later mp come, let her know if you got any problems”. I replied “sure thing. but you haven’t exactly tell me what is this mp giving out later. Ok, i’ll wait for the mp and ask her what exactly is she giving out to residents. Thanks.”

For the past 200 saturdays and sundays, i don’t see any mps walking the streets and paying house visits. but when GE is only a week away, they
magically appear. So i left the front door opened, and went back to doing my own stuff. was so looking forward to meet the mp as i was excited to say hi to her and find out more about the mystery stuff that she was giving out that day.

Here comes the best part. After more than 3 hours of waiting, nobody came by. I decided to then close the front door when I realized somebody left something on my gate. It had a beautiful photo of the smiley MP in the front and read something like “we were here earlier today but nobody was at home..”, written in 4 different languages. I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of the content.

A.S.S Reader

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