Dear ASS Editors,

I want to expose this moving company named “Akhbar Movers” and its owner “Akhbar Shah”. I engaged Akhbar Movers without researching online and reading reviews and it was such a big mistake and the start of my house-moving horror.

They were late nearly three hours than the scheduled time, when I called to ask about the estimated time of arrival, the boss’s reply was simply “On the way already”. When the mover finally arrived hours later, they moved down most of the furniture and then stopped and told me the price we have agreed on needs to be doubled. When I called and questioned the boss, he started to shout at me and used abusive language to threaten. I feel threatened and bullied, so I told him I will call the police. The movers immediately fled after overheard me saying “call police”, left all my furnitures and boxes of item downstairs in a drizzling weather.

Staring at my wooden furnitures and the mess right outside my front yard, I was shocked and furious. How can companies with such intolerably poorm business ethic exist in Singapore? I googled their company, the results were again, shocking. Their Facebook pages are filled with complaints and warnings “do not engage them”, ” you have been warned”. I went on reading the reviews and found out there are a lot more victims. Compare with other’s stories, my experience with them was considered the “pleasant” one.

Some customers were scammed the same way like I was, being told the price will increase drastically after some of the furniture are moved. It’s like they have a typical way cheating their customers. The items were handled poorly and often damaged. The worst part is the boss’s attitude towards his customer. Verbal bullying and threat are norms. Some customer were even racially harassed and being called a “bloody Indian b**ch”. The boss openly defends their behaviours on the company’s Facebook page and calling the customer “stupid idiots”, “can stay big house condo but movers cant afford to pay so dont talk to much” and even threats like “I know where u stay”..

How can such business ethic exist in a cosmopolitan society like Singapore? Who are there to protect the rights of customer?

Traumatised Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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