To the Smrt driver,SHF 77C may god bless u..

i and my cousin Taz Lib having supper at geylang ard 11plus,aftrr supper we hail a eventually we didn’t have enough cash,my cousin decide to pay by ez link.the driver say that he accept ezlink.the distance to our hm is not too far.

when we reach our destination.the machine have some problem.the fare is about $5.he try few times,still the machine cant read the cousin insist he to stay awhile my cousin want to went up to take some cash,since the machine cant read the card.

to our suprise the driver told us it just near by no need to pay for the fare.we was so suprice when he say its ok,its only $5 worriess.

we call the SMRT to give him compliment..nowadays we can’t find a good friendly driver like him.we really appreciate a lot..

to the driver of SHF 77C.we want to say thank you very much may god bless u.thank you once again..

Ab Adele Hb
A.S.S. Contributor

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