Just to share..

I was at Teh Tarek Bedok Central this afternoon.. After ordering my food I sat on e table and started eating my food.. While eating I observed an old Chinese lady was going fm table to table showing 2 fingers and rubbing her tummy.. No one bothered and showing sign to asked her to move away.

I realized tt she must be hungry and needed e money to eat so I called her.. I told her tt she can eat anything she wants and I’ll pay for it including drinks.. She looked around and pointed to e Indian Rojak stall. I told her to go ahead and order.. As she was walking towards e stall I stopped eating. I went to e stall and passed a $10/- note to e guy cashier manning e stall.. I told him whatever she select just deduct fm here and if not enough pls tell me..

To my surprise e guy cashier manning e stall told me tt whatever she eats they charged $2/- only and returned $8/- back to me. I said really? He just smiled. I walked back to my table to continue eating. After awhile e old Chinese lady brought e food and sat on another table across mine and with a gesture thanked me. I saw her went to e drink stall bring a glass of ice water to drink bfor having e food. After I finish my food bfor leaving I walked to her and gave her $2/- and tell her tts it’s for her diner.

Why I’m sharing this is tt as much as we spend so much money eating gud food, there’s always pple out there who are underprivileged. If we ever been approached by someone who needs food please don’t discount them. As much as we recommend those eating places and share on how gud eir food is.. I believe in return they should have tt policy of Paying it Forward.. I would like to commend Teh Tarek Bedok Central to set a $2/- basic meal with free ice water for e needy and underprivileged.. Kudos!

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