Please Help Us, bring our family for tomorrow and bring hope to humanity spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Hi, im a 33 years old mother of 2 kids aged 11 and 10…hubby is the sole breadwinner earning $1200 basic…driver…on bail with statutory rape case…lately he had an accident and company demanded that his salary got cut every month and he only brings back not more than $500..currently we are staying in a 3 room flat under bank loan..Recently I received a letter from lawyer with regards to evacute my home by 31st March 2016.With an arrears of $10,480 …ive appealed for leniency from the bank staff on instalment plan and its approved without defaulting our monthly payment of $880/- and on top of it plus $600/- sum up total of $1480/-..I have arrears with Town Council at $500++ and Singapore Power Supply $2000++..With this kind of debts everyday goes by very slowly for us not having enuf money to even eat a proper meal..

Previously I went for ligation on 2009 to sacrifice for my family back then with lots of financial situation..My parents are already aged,Dad with severe heart problem and Mum just got discharged from ICU and she cant walk..Im currently looking after my mum as she cant be parents was against me signing up for HOPE SCHEME but I cant do much but to go ahead with this and regretted doin so stressed up I don’t know what to do and where to seek for help..Some Organization kept asking me to work even tough I have a caregiver letter signed by the doctor. But if anything happens to mum when shes alone,i will never forgive myself..this situation on financial is making my sinking in on my eldest son whom would be sitting for his PSLE this year,it had come to a stage where he has depression..(kids went to school without any pocket money and depends on FAS ezlink pass when purchasing food for recess)..i had gone to SSO without any single cents on my hand,i walked from home to apply for financial help,it had already been 6 weeks even though she said she would help me expedite my case..still thers no respond.SP wanted to minimize my water and eventually they did that yesterday when im not home looking after mum..again I try appealing for instalment of $200/- but again before agreeing on that amount they asked me to pay more and even gave me sarcastic remarks…I seek sincere help from anyone whom has it in their hearts to help me out during my darkest seems that everyone looked down on us and im helpless and I hope theres some light to ease my financial situation…from bottom of my heart I would like to thank GIVEASIA for giving me an opportunity to create a page and get help from all to bring back the smile on my kids face.. I need at least 15k to ease the situation. Thank you everyone.God Bless..

Helpless Mom

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