Why Dr Chee is many times better than Murali for residents of BB

1. 100% Commitment: Dr Chee will be a FULL TIME MP for BB and able to be fully committed to fellow residents of BB. But Mr Murali will hold a full time job as a top class lawyer who can easily earn a million per year – only likely less than 20% of his time as MP as will earn less than 20% of his income as MP say $200k per year while getting a million a year as a top notch lawyer.

2. Another independent voice in parliament for residents of BB as currently already about 81 PAP MPs w/wo David Ong. While Murali will be another follower in the parliament.

3. Dr Chee who stay in a humble 3/4 room HDB flat can fully understand what the average residents of BB where more than 96% stay in HDB flat and less than 4% in condo/private apartment/landed properties, etc. How can Murali understand 96% of fellow residents and voters of BB who stayed in HDB flats when his 1 year earning of say 1 million dollars can purchase a condo. However, most average income of BB residents staying in HDB flats may not ever able to earn a million dollars in their entire 30/40 years of their working life. Forget about saving much after paying high living cost, food, medical costs, etc and to be able to upgrade to condo/private apartment/landed properties, etc in their entire life of working!

4. Dr Chee can speak well both in English/Chinese/dialect(s) so provide a closer touch with more residents of BB directly where 74% are Chinese residents. . . and many more . . .

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