Guys, if u plan to go in JB. Please take note, upon clearing the JB’s car boot check. Please remember to buckle up ur seat belt before u move off. This is my experience on Wednesday when I went in. When i cleared the check, while I am about to drive out of the custom. I am about to buckle up my seat belt and saw a group of Malaysia TP in about 100m ahead. They flagged me down. And here is the conversation.

Me: yes?
TP: where you heading to?
Me: Taman Sentosa
TP: you know why we stop you?
Me: nope
TP: you didn’t fasten your seat belt.
Me: nah, u see… (Pointing to my buckled seat belt)
TP: ya, just now when u inside u didn’t buckle, when u come out then u buckle. We can see it.
Me: oh (reach into my pocket to take my wallet)
TP: ah, u didn’t put on seat belt.
Me: no point argue with u. U say I didn’t buckle, I say I have. (Open my wallet, take out my driving license)
TP: why?
Me: u summon me lor, I don’t wan to argue. I go back Singapore then find my lawyer to appeal for me.
TP: … …
Me: We Singaporean know the law wan. In Singapore, our law say must buckle up. We enter Malaysia, we also will buckle up wan.
TP: no la, u didn’t buckle.
Me: then u summon me lor (with the license in my hand, trying to pass it to him)
TP: ok ok, I apologize. U can go now.
Me: sure hor? Ok, bye (wind up my window and drove off)

I am very stingy, doesn’t wan to treat them kopi.

So anything that they caught u inside, just request them to summon u. Do not support or encourage this dirty act of theirs.

Remember to buckle up yourself whenever u are inside ur car when u are in Malaysia.

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