Dear ASS Editors,

Lina Chiam is not and will never be like her husband. Despite Potong Pasir being an opposition stronghold for years and years, the moment Chiam left for bigger GRC ambitions, it fell like a deck a cards. This shows that Lina cannot make it as a politician and should stop riding on the coat-tails of her husband for her to-date below average political career. It is apparent that no one really likes or thinks highly of Lina and rightly so, her latest childish outburst over the use of Chiam’s photo has been dismissed by the gracious Dr Chee as a mere “distraction”.

The beef between Chiam See Tong and Dr Chee happened really long ago and honestly, it is a personal issue between the two and the issue has no real connection with Lina Chiam. She is probably now just using Chiam’s dotage and frail condition to pick an imaginary fight at a crucial time for the SDP. I would think Chiam himself would have been more magnanimous and be able to see the “larger” picture and would have just asked his troublesome wife to shut it.

Honestly, the Chiam’s are a spent force in Opposition politics and a pale shadow of the past. Hence, it is really a very long stretch of the imagination to think that Dr Chee would need any kind of “endorsement” from Chiam. Dr Chee has clearly demonstrated his leadership and stayed the helm of SDP all these years. Managing to bring exciting new blood to invigorate the party. To think that SDP would require some kind of blessing by Chiam is somewhat illogical. If anything, it should be the other round, having Chiam’s face in a SDP newsletter helps the Chiams, especially Lina. So who is being the megalomaniac now?

In short, Lina Chiam should just stay out of the picture right now. She can scream and claw when the crucial period is over. If she has nothing good to say, simply don’t say anything. This is a pivotal moment in Opposition history as the SDP is on the cusp of something great once Dr Chee steps into Parliament!

SDP Forever
A.S.S. Contributor

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