Dear ASS Editors,

Today is Bukit Batok by-election Nomination Day and PAP sycophants have fired their first low blow. They took a photo of SDP banner at 11:29 am this morning and accused SDP of breaching electoral rules.

Instead of reflecting on their own pettiness, they shamelessly accuse Dr Chee and SDP kiasi for putting up such banners before Nomination is confirmed. Come on lah PAP is the incumbent, what is that few hours head start going to affect the mighty PAP? Why nitpick on such little things to fix Dr Chee?

We Bukit Batok residents have eyes to see and we hate to see you PAP dogs bully the brace Dr Chee! Stop trying to win with such cheap tactics, you will not win! The time is here for Dr Chee to enter Parliament and fight for the issues that matter. Time for true democracy and freedoms to be restored to our beloved Singapore!

Wee Heng
A.S.S. Contributor

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