Just got back from Mandarin Gardens Condo AGM.

Indians have bought abt 40% of Mandarin Gardens apts and have become arrogant in the condo. At last year’s AGM, all Singaporeans didnt want to stand for Management Council positions, leaving it to foreigners to take control. Eight indians were voted in with one American and one Briton in the MC.

The Indians are power crazy, lawless and turned havoc. They thought they own Mandarin Gardens and can do what they want. They

1. attempted to transfer money from the $9m sinking fund to the management fund
2. organised Deepavali celebrations from codo fund to let indians enjoy
3. organised a sports day for indian children
4. allowed indian children to run wild in the condo
5. attempted to kick out Thai Pan Restaurant and replace it with an indian restaurant
6. spent abt $200k on the fish pond without discernable results
7. proposed to have a cricket pitch for indian kids
8. allowed indian kids to play football on well landscaped garden endangering aged singaporeans, young children who use the gardens for leisure activities and the well kept grass

The American sounded out their misdeeds to the Singaporean owners. The Singaporeans were furious. At today’s AGM, singaporean owners turned up in force and badly defeated the Indians by voting in 9 Singaporeans, one American and one Briton. The Indians were taught a humbling lesson. The Singaporeans reclaimed Mandarin Gardens for Singapore.

I believe the same situation is happening in Waterside Condo, Melville condo and Singapore in general. Singaporean owners can reclaim WaterSide, Melville and Singapore for Singaporeans if we unite as what Mandarin Gardens owners did today

A.S.S. Contributor

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